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Saara is a political scientist with background in civil society studies, international relations and diplomacy. Passionate about active citizenship and strategy, Saara is intrigued by creativity and arts as vehicle for political communication and dialogue. At LOUDER, Saara serves as project manager and Helsinki exhibition co-curator.

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Andreea is an activist, feminist and human rights educator based in Bucharest, Romania. She joined LOUDER because she believes that building a community and fostering solidarity among its members starts with making sure all diversity is equally included and acknowledged. Mixing art with personal narratives give us the sense of true uniqueness and intersectionality of our individual selves. At LOUDER, Andreea serves as communication and community builder and Bucharest exhibition curator.



Anton is a project manager based in Moscow, Russia. Focused on the subjects of constructive communication and meaningful productive cooperation he believes in LOUDER as a great platform to provide for stronger compassion and deeper mutual understanding. At LOUDER, Anton is responsible for art, culture and community outreach in Russia and curates LOUDER’s Russia exhibitions.