LOUDER exhibition - art, storytelling, human rights in Romania, Finland and Russia

LOUDER exhibition - art, storytelling, human rights in Romania, Finland and Russia

Press release:  LOUDER exhibition in Bucharest

Location: Bucharest, Romania

When: 30 March - April 2, opening on March 30

Web and social media: https://www.louderart.com/ //  https://www.facebook.com/LOUDER.art

LOUDER is opening an unique art and storytelling exhibition in Bucharest on March 30 at Hearth, on view until April 2nd. The opening of the exhibition takes place on Saturday, March 30, starting with 15:00.

LOUDER exhibition will feature works from Romanian and international artists and non-artists, including visual projects, with the aim to create visibility and debate on human rights related topics.

LOUDER exhibition in Bucharest will host photography, short film, tactile images, visual wall. We are happy to welcome visual projects IMAGINI TACTILE / TACTILE IMAGES and Empowering Roma Girls Through Community Art.

LOUDER invited citizens, artists and non-artists alike, from all backgrounds to submit their visual art and stories - selected works displayed in a touring art exhibition in Finland, Romania and Russia.

In addition, the exhibition will be supported by a pop-up discussion on art and human rights, the impact of visual art in creating social change.

The exhibition contains embossed images that can also be understood by visually impaired people. Romanian-English-Romanian translation will be available during the presentation and discussions held in the opening event.

Partners: Hearth, IMAGINI TACTILE/TACTILE IMAGES, Empowering Roma Girls Through Community Art, SQUARE MEDIA


LOUDER project a transnational community art project, a platform for art and personal narratives of citizens in order to combat prejudices and to expose the social and cultural challenges and realities of people and communities in minority groups and / or intersectional and diverse identities.

LOUDER is one of the winning projects of the Forum for Young Professionals Europe Lab, organized by the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum/ Гражданский Форум ЕС-Россия.

For more information on the project and the partners, please visit https://www.louderart.com/ and LOUDER.art

Press contact: Andreea Toma, communication coordination for LOUDER

Email: andreea@louderart.com (Romania)

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