Bianca Constantin

Bianca Constantin


“Art enriches our hearts and souls and makes us better creative community problem solvers […]”

LOUDER interviews gather contributions from activists, community organizers and civil society professionals from Romania, Finland, Russia and all over the world.

We are happy to welcome to our LOUDER interviews section Bianca Constantin, fundraising manager and activist from Romania.

LOUDER: What does it mean for you to contribute to your community?

It means doing my day-to-day job. I am a fundraising manager for an international non-profit organization that builds houses for the people in need. So I know that the better I do my job, the sooner the families will move into a new home and have a decent place to live. Furthermore it means advocating for the things I strongly believe in: freedom of speech, right to housing, women empowerment and gender equality. Also, refugees and migrants rights, as I help refugees find their way in the Romanian society and a temporary place to live.

LOUDER: Could you tell us an inspiring story about your activity or you working for your community?

When I started my work in the non-profit sector in Romania, I was asked to go in the field and interview people, future beneficiaries of our projects. I simply thought I was an easy job, up to the moment when interviewing children turned out to be the most emotional and difficult part. I then understood how much words couldn’t describe the meaning of HOME to young people and how much trauma its lack can cause. Then I began to think about my values and how much I have to stop complaining on the things I lack. Mostly, I started reassessing the way I approach and address vulnerable people about their problems and needs, as these are very sensitive subjects.

LOUDER: Do you think art can contribute to a better society/community? How?

Art enriches our hearts and souls and makes us better creative community problem solvers and it has the power to unite people regardless of their color, race, religion or political affiliation.  

LOUDER: Any words for our LOUDER participants.

I am very excited to see the LOUDER project come to life and gather enthusiastic and motivated participants. The best is yet to come and I am confident the projects give each of you an amazing energy and willingness to make things happen. I am truly grateful for the opportunity of being part of EuropeLab 2018 and help the LOUDER team find each other and shape their ideas: as a trainer I cannot stop feeling the emotions of getting the best out of my experience, to contribute the best I know and also to get to know the people around me.