Alina Aflecailor, photo credit Liviu Florin Albei

Alina Aflecailor, photo credit Liviu Florin Albei

ALINA AFLECAILOR, Romania “There are many tools which you can use for bringing awareness, but I consider art being the most vocal one, […].

LOUDER interviews gather contributions from activists, community organizers and civil society professionals from Romania, Finland, Russia and all over the world.

We are happy to start our LOUDER interviews section with Alina Aflecailor, human rights educator and activist from Romania.

LOUDER: What does it mean for you to contribute to your community?

The first definition of “community”, given by Oxford dictionary is: “A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common”.  I do have a stable place where I live, but I’m on the move continuously. “My community” is everywhere where I can contribute, where I can bring awareness or where I can start a behavioral change. My daily job is for an environmental organization, in my free time I am a human rights educator. I strongly disagree with: “choose your battle!”. Everything it’s interconnected and you cannot have one without the other: there is no climate justice without a democratic context and there is no social justice without being aware of the environment, considering the effects of climate change all around the globe.

LOUDER: Could you tell us an inspiring story about your activity or you working for your community?

I won’t go into concrete examples, but I would like to underline that it is not bullsh#t for it is possible to succeed in something you did not learn in school. If you are autodidact, persuasive, curious, and open and you believe in you and your work, anything is possible! I’ve created a shadow theater play with young people with learning disabilities from Greece, I’ve created theater of the oppressed plays with youngsters and adults from all around Europe, I’ve been part of organizing an activist camp with over 200 young people from 15 countries, I’ve been a trainer for the LOUDER team and I’ve also been a parent for the past almost five years. Detail which brings me to another part – I contribute to my local/national community, by trying to deconstruct gender stereotypes, which makes me feel like Sisyphus, in an East-European Orthodox country.

LOUDER: Do you think art can contribute to a better society/community? How?

There are many tools which you can use for bringing awareness, but I consider art being the most vocal one, as it has no boarders and “speaks” a universal language.

LOUDER: Any words for our LOUDER participants.

It takes courage to go out there and make yourself visible, so congratulations for believing in yoursel